Year 2 Times Table Robot


Year 2 have had a wonderful time working with Time Table – our new maths robot. We have been paying various Space Maths games to help us get to grips with our two, five and ten times table. Time Table is able to tell us what multiples we need to be focusing on. He is proving to be a very useful class learning resource!

Other work around Year 2 has looked at sequencing events and writing instructions. We took the simple task of making a cup of tea, and then thought about the process as to what is involved. We observed a cup of tea being made in class, and then commented upon the different steps that were required. We soon learnt that we all make cups of tea in very different ways!

Each class member then wrote out their preferred way to make a cup of tea in the correct sequence. We also concentrated on adding connectives to our work, as well as our current literacy focus of bossy verbs.

All of this maths and literacy work has been broken up with some wonderful rehearsals for the annual Michael Faraday Christmas Concert. Year 2 are sounding good with their rendition of Jingle Bell Rock!

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