Year 6 Biographies Podcast

Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils have just started their work on researching all about the life of John Lennon. This is a project that will look at the contribution that Lennon made to music, culture and world peace. It is also tied in with our current literacy focus looking at biographies and how they can be used to understand the profile of a person.

We decided to take a drama based approach for our early research on the life of Lennon. Our pupils were introduced to the major events during his early life, and then we acted these out in the drama studio. We have found that this is a great method in helping Year 6 to put the events in context, as well as to explore the characters and motivations for the different people involved in the story.

Scenes were acted out, and then we held class discussions about how it felt to be placed in some of the situations that the young Lennon was confronted with. This work will carry on through to next term, as we continue to learn all about John Lennon and why he is such an important historical and cultural figure. You can catch some of the early feedback to this work in the podcast below.

Year 6 John Lennon biography (mp3)

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