Nursery Gruffalo Topic


We have started off the new year in the Michael Faraday Nursery by introducing the children to our special digital camera. This is a model that is designed for Early Years children to experiment with – we have been having tremendous fun in the Nursery doing just that! To help all of the children get back in the routine of the school day and to remember all of our friends following the break, we have been using the camera to take photographs at different stages of the day, as well as pictures of each other.

Our first major topic of the new year will start next week. We are going to be reading The Gruffalo as our main class book. In preparation for this, we have been building a Nursery jungle in one of our resource rooms. As we progress through learning the story, we will be asking the children for some jungle ideas to add to the design. Plenty of role-play will take place in the jungle, so that we can understand how all the different animals in the Gruffalo are feeling.

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