Year 6 Transition Video

Year 6 are incredibly proud of the drama project that we have completed with our friends from Southwark Playhouse. Stuart and Laura have been working with both Year 6 classes on a drama based piece of work that addresses different challenges that we might have to face. We started off this project by thinking about a past challenge in our life. We then acted out how this was overcome, and what we have learnt from facing up to these challenges.

Much of this work has been themed around the transition from primary to secondary school that our pupils will shortly be facing. We then moved on to think about future challenges, and what we might be able to do to be able to make the successful transition to our new schools later in the year. To document this work, Year 6 have produced a series of stunning cartoons that tell the story of the challenges from each pupil. A couple of our Year 6 class members explain more in the video above.

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