Changing Topics in Year 5

Year 5

This has been an incredibly busy period in Year 5 with many different school trips, topics and future visits also being planned! Both classes greatly enjoyed a recent trip to the nearby Shakespeare’s Globe. The Year 4 and Year 5 Ukulele Club was invited to perform at The Globe’s prestigious Concert for Winter. All pupils got to experience the Globe in great detail, as well as the magic of the Winter Concert!

Our Ancient Greece class topic has now been completed, concluding in a trip to the British Museum. We were able to see at first hand some of the many historical artefacts that we have been learning about, including the treasured Elgin Marbles. Some of the other Ancient Greek items inspired our pupils to write some very moving poetry, all about the sights that we managed to see during our British Museum visit.

Other work around Year 5 has included a celebration of the Chinese New Year, as well as preparation for our next major class topic of The Victorians. Our pupils will be comparing their own life’s in modern day London with that of Victorian children who were living around our area. We have also got a trip planned to the Victorian Dickens Museum, to learn more about this fascinating period.

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