Nursery Gruffalo Learning


The Nursery children have been having great fun with our new class-reading book of The Gruffalo. We have introduced the different characters, and then played many games, all based around the book. This is a wonderful story in which to use role-play to explore how the animals are all feeling. The Nursery children have made masks for all the different characters to help us out with our acting. The story has excited us so much that we are planning our own Nursery Gruffalo Hunt! We will be taking all the children out to nearby Dulwich Woods on 2nd February, to see if we can find the South London Gruffalo. All parents are welcome to join us on this trip.

The animal magic has also continued in the Nursery with a visit from Paul the Python Man! As the name suggests, our friend Paul brought in his wonderful python to help the children learn more about different kinds of animals. We were also able to see a tarantula spider and a lizard. Our work themed around animals and The Gruffalo will continue over future weeks. We will be using animals in our maths work, playing games such as counting the number of spots on a snake.

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  • February 1, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    i used to love this book when i was little! i used to now the words of by heart! i hope you enjoy it like i did!

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