Y2 Horniman Museum Trip

Year 2

Year 2 have been finding out more about the many different musical instruments that are played all around the world. To help us with our work, both classes recently attended a special workshop at the nearby wonderful Horniman Museum. A collection is held here that is one of the finest assembled in Europe! Different instruments from many cultures throughout history are available to be seen, studied, and more importantly, played! Our workshop covered the different types of sound, and how different instruments need different actions in order to create a sound.

Back in the classroom and the children have been combining this musical knowledge with their literacy work. We have been focusing recently on the importance of using timeline connectives in our writing. This involves using phrases such as ‘we started off…’ then we…’ finally we…’ Each pupil has written an account of the trip, explaining more about their favourite instruments and their memories of the day out at the Horniman. You can catch up with a couple of our Year 2 pupils in the podcast below.

Year 2 trip to the Horniman Museum (mp3)

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