Year 4 Singing Podcast

Year 4

Year 4 have been greatly enjoying our weekly singing sessions as part of the Wider Opportunities programme that we are receiving support with from our friends at Southwark Music Services. The pupils have been learning a wide range of new musical skills. These cover breathing control, pitch, keeping time and learning about musical notation. We started off our most recent session with a vocal warm-up. This involved playing a singing game where the pupils added in different layers of skill and memory feats to a growing vocal pattern. We then recapped our initial introduction to musical notation, before learning more about this later in the session. We have learnt how to associate different notes with coffee and tea references. Year 4 responded wonderfully to this, having great fun as well as increasing their musical knowledge. You can listen to a short burst from our Southwark Music Services session in the podcast below.

Year 4 singing (mp3)

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