Year 1 Toy Museum Podcast

Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed a highly successful recent trip to the amazing V & A Museum of Childhood in East London. This was organised as part of our current class topic looking at different toys that children’s have played with, and how they differ from our own favourites. We were able to view some really old toys at the museum, and see how the materials may differ from what we play with at home.

The children had such a great time at the V & A that they decided to create their own Michael Faraday Toy Museum back at school! We thought about how we could organise our Museum, and what themes we would like to put across. We came up with a list of different categories, and then began to sort our toys into these groups. These included animals, games, transport, teddy bears and dolls. Year 1 then invited our friends from Reception to have a look around the Michael Faraday Toy Museum. You can find out more about both our trip, and museum in the podcast below.

Year 1 Toy Museum (mp3)

Plus: we are also incredibly pleased to be able to share a short set of photos taken at the recent Year 1 Fairytale Ball! We invited all of the children to dress up in their favourite Fairytale costume. We had some stunning costumes attending the ball. As you can see from the photo gallery below, the Year 1 Fairytale Ball was a brilliant success!

Year 1a

Year 1b

Year 1c

Year 1d

Year 1e

Year 1f

Year 1k

Year 1g

Year 1h

Year 1i

Year 1j

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