Year 2 Great Fire

Year 2

We have introduced the Year 2 pupils to the wonderful new topic of the Great Fire of London. This is a project that we will be working on for a number of weeks, combining history, literacy and drama. We started off our early work on the Great Fire with some drama and character exploration. We wanted the children to think about what it must have felt like to live in London around the time of the Great Fire, and to think how the city has changed from where we now live.

Some children took on the role of market sellers; others were wealthy Londoners who were interested in buying different goods. We encouraged the pupils to stay in character, and act out various bartering scenes. The sellers had to think about the goods that were being sold during this period, whist the buyers explained their needs and reasons for wanting the goods.

Comparisons were made with the nearby East Street Market, and some of the sights and sounds that we hear whist out shopping. We soon realised that not a lot has changed in terms of how we go about buying and selling our goods!

This early piece of exploratory drama work was followed through with some literacy work back in the classroom. Each pupil produced a written report, addressing what they could hear, what they could see, what they could smell and how they were feeling. Much more work on the Great Fire of London to come!

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