Year 6 SATS Preparation

Year 6

We are entering an incredibly busy period in Year 6 where the pupils are hard at work preparing for their SATS test. Much of our work has been covering a reminder and revision of the many skills that we all know. We have been developing both our writing and presentation skills in literacy, by working on a series of balanced arguments. We set the question: should mobile phones be allowed in schools? The pupils staged a class debate, putting forward both sides to the argument. This balanced argument was then presented in a written report.

Our SATS science work has seen the successful completion of our Forces topic. The pupils have been learning about different forms of resistance, and how these can be useful in a practical sense. A number of experiments have been devised and then carried out by year 6.

Away from all the SATS preparation and all of our pupils enjoyed a wonderful day out recently at the Southwark Junior Citizenship Scheme. This is a project that aims to help with secondary school transition, as well as to offer further social and practical skills ahead of starting our new schools in September.

Year 6 were able to find out more about road safety, fire safety, stranger danger and how to travel safely on public transport. We were in fine company – this was a VIP Day and we shared our skills with the Mayor of Southwark! All adults were incredibly impressed in the manner that the pupils represented Michael Faraday. Year 6 integrated superbly with pupils from other schools, some of them very different to our own. This is incredibly encouraging ahead of secondary school transition.

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