New Nursery Equipment


The Nursery children have been continuing with their work based all around the class reading book of What the Ladybird Saw. We have been recreating the story by making our own characters and props that we have been finding out about in the tale. This work has also helped us with our maths knowledge, with the Nursery children counting the number of spots on each ladybird.

We have also been holding a number of class discussions all about feelings. We wanted the children to think about what it means to be feeling happy, sad, scared or angry. We spoke about what we could maybe do as good friends if a member of our class was feeling sad.

Plus with the spring weather now hopefully upon us, the Nursery children have been able to play outdoors in our purpose built safe area. We have just purchased a number of new resources and toys for the children. Playing with water is proving to be a popular choice in the Michael Faraday Nursery!

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