Year 3 Film Critics!

Year 3

We have been using our imagination in Year 3 to try and think about a film before we have even seen it! We screened the trailer only for the film The fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. Quite a mouthful! The short trailer introduced the children to the main characters and the main setting.

We then wanted to try and think about how the plot might develop, what might happen to the characters and how the film might end. We wrote down these ideas in the form of a report that we could then come back to at a later stage.

The next part of our work involved viewing the film! This is a short fifteen-minute production that contains plenty of drama. The children were incredibly excited in finding out if their predictions for the plot would actually happen. We finished off this exercise by then comparing our original notes with the actual outcome of the film. Some of our predictions were incredibly close!

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