Year 4 Singing & Assembly

Year 4

Year 4 are making great progress with their weekly singing workshop that is taking place this term. We warmed up our voices ahead of our most recent session, and then advanced our work with some singing in the round. The pupils have been asked to focus upon the rhythm in the songs that we are singing, and to be able to work together in a group to try and keep this together. Following the sequence of events is also important, especially when different groups are singling different parts of the song. Staying in key is also crucial to our work. Plenty to remember, but some wonderful results, as you can hear in the podcast below.

Year 4 singing (mp3)

Elsewhere in Year 4 and Badgie’s class staged a very moving assembly this week to set the scene for future school activities based around Sports Relief. We wanted all of the other pupils to understand why it is so important that money is raised through Sport Relief, and how this can genuinely help to save lives of children not quite so fortunate as ourselves.

Our assembly featured a short film about a young boy and his family living in Sierra Leone. We saw how having access to healthy, clean water was a daily struggle for him, and how this has an impact on his schoolwork. We then asked our friends from other classes a series of questions from the film.

The Year 4 assembly concluded by showing the results from a Sport Relief survey that the children have produced. We asked pupils across the school which sporting activity they would most like to take part in to try and raise some money. We presented our results in a bar chart. The next step will be for a fundraising plan to be put in place, so that Michael Faraday School can help to raise some money as part of Sport Relief. You can find out more about our plans in the podcast below.

Year 4 Sports Relief Assembly (mp3)

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