Year 5 Budget Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning all about income and expenditure, and how important it is to set a budget. We have linked this work to an International Woman’s Day, as well as our current class topic of Victorian Britain. The pupils have been viewing a weekly budget that was available to a typical woman poor Victorian woman. We wanted to know how she was able to provide for her family on such few resources.

We soon found out that saving and planning is an important part of setting a budget. Putting some money aside for a family illness, or even a funeral, were skills that women of this period had to apply. Year 5 have completed a maths worksheet on this subject, showing how important the type of calculations were for everyday survival in Victorian Britain. You can listen in greater detail to this work being explained in the podcast below.

Celebrating International Woman”s Day in Year 5 (mp3)

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