Year 6 D & T Video

Year 6 had a fantastic D & T workshop recently with Paul, our friend from Southwark Education Services. The idea behind the session was to create a buggy that would move. We first thought about the science behind the vehicle – how were we going to be able to build a buggy that could race? Paul suggested using a large fan attached to the rear of the body. When working, this would generate sufficient air as to propel the buggy forward.

The next step was to design the buggy, and to build in an electrical circuit. From our Year 6 science work, we know that a complete circuit is needed in order for the current to flow. We designed a simple switch, using a paper clip and a couple of connector pins. We also gave thought to the materials used for the body of the buggy, choosing plastic, as it was light.

Before we race our buggies, Year 6 have one more task to complete. Our race regulations state that the buggies must be safe for a passenger. We will be strapping a toy figure into each buggy. The passenger must remain in the winning buggy that crosses the finishing line first. We have been designing ways to make our buggies safe, such as using foam or cotton wool as protection. A couple of our keen racers explain more in the video above.

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