New Reception Topics


This is an incredibly busy time in the Michael Faraday Reception classes with many new topics and themes having started since the Easter break. One of our main topics is to look at different countries and culture. The children were thrilled to receive a personal postcard all the way from Italy! It was sent by our friend Anita and contained a wonderful picture of Venice. We have been finding out all about Italy, and in particular, the food that Italian people like to eat. We have held our own Italian food tasting session – the pasta was very popular!

Elsewhere in Reception and weights and measures are keeping us busy with our maths time. The children are learning the difference between an object that we describe as being heavy, and one that we would call light. We have been using the class scales to weight and compare different objects.

Our literacy work in Reception for this term will include a big push to help improve our understanding of phonics. The children have been learning how we can create different sounds by placing two different letters together. Examples of this include AI, OA, CH and SH. Working in small groups, we asked each class member to try and think of a word where we might here these sounds. This is also a great exercise in helping to improve our joined up handwriting.


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