Year 3 Fraction Solving

Year 3

Year 3 have been working incredibly hard on some complex mathematical operations. We have introduced to the pupils the idea of fractions of amounts. We already know about fractions such as a half, quarter and a tenth etc. We now wanted to use this knowledge and apply it to varying amounts. We set the children the challenge to try and test each other, as well as some of the adults in Year 3! We wanted to know what half of 20 is, or a fifth of 30.

To help Year 3 with these challenges, we have been using a number of different techniques. The fraction sheet has been a great resource. We placed the correct number of counting cubes in each space. If we wanted to find out what a quarter of 20 is, we would use 20 cubes, and then place them evenly in each quarter on the sheet. Counting the amount of cubes in one quarter will tell us the answer.

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