Year 6 Science Topic

Year 6

We have started a new science topic in Year 6 all about light and light sources. We have asked the pupils to consider where light comes from. Our class discussion soon discovered that as well as natural light, we also have man made light sources. We asked the pupils to think of as many light sources as possible, and then to sort these into the two categories.

Our maths work in Year 6 has involved looking at both 2D and 3D shapes. We are interested in lines of symmetry and how these can help us with different calculations.

With less than four weeks to go now until Year 6 sit their science, maths and literacy SATS papers, any remaining time has been taken up with revision. We were incredibly pleased with the positive response that we received with our request for pupils to spend some time during the Easter break working on their SATS preparations. Likewise we have high numbers for our after school booster clubs.

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