Year 5 Ukulele Orchestra Video

A selection of our Year 5 pupils recently performed a stunning rendition of an original piece of music that they have composed independently during a school assembly. The four young musicians were first introduced to the ukulele during our weekly Year 4 music lessons. With expert guidance from Lorraine, the pupils learnt about different chords and variations in strumming technique.

The interest and enthusiasm was so high that the pupils continued to play the ukulele in a Year 5 after school club. Our playing ability has developed to such an extent that four of the musicians felt confident enough to compose their own original piece of work.

A song called Rollercoaster was played during our assembly. The lyrics reflect the highs and lows of growing up and getting on with our family and friends. The musical sequence was written specifically to match the themes that are presented in the song.

This was such a success in the Key Stage 2 assembly that an encore was called for! Our four musicians then answered some questions that were put to them by other pupils. Autographs were even asked to be signed! You can find out much more about the project in the video above.

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