New Nursery Topics


We have been helping the children in the Michael Faraday Nursery to improve their sense of rhythm during our musical lessons. We are having great fun reading and exploring some of the ideas in the brilliant Tanker Tanker Skunk. This is a book that has the aim of understanding more abut basic musical rhythm, as well as introducing many different animals. The Nursery children have been think about how many beats can be found in the name of each animal, and then sharing these in small groups.

The animal theme has continued in the Nursery with our role-play area being transformed into a Michael Faraday veterinary practice! We have been explaining to the children the idea of how we need to handle any pets with great care, as well as the importance of vets in helping sick animals to feel better.

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee almost upon us, we are also starting to think about a Nursery Jubilee party. We will be explaining to the children more about the role of the Queen, and the work that she does in our country. We are planning to make some Union flags to wave for our party, as well as coming up with some healthy Jubilee style snack ideas.

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