Reception Biscuit Bears


The Biscuit Bear has been in Reception! We are currently reading this book, and then carrying out many biscuit bear themed activities around the story and the main character. The Reception children decided that it would be a great idea to bake their own Biscuit Bear. We thought about the ingredients that we might need, and then went on a shopping trip so that we could bake our bear.

Having tasted the wonderful Biscuit Bear, we all had plenty of energy to burn off – time to go on a Michael Faraday bear hunt! We were very kindly helped out by Phil, an expert bear catcher. This was a great activity for the children to develop their positional language. We encouraged all pupils to talk about phrases such as going over or under, around or on top.

We are also continuing our European feel in the Michael Faraday Reception. We have now completed our look at Italy. We were very grateful to receive a special visit from some Italian parents, who very kindly answered our questions. Pizza is proving to be a very popular choice of food in the Reception!

We are now about to start learning more about the country of Poland. Anna, a member of staff from Year 1, has offered to speak to the children about her home country. We will be comparing the food and lifestyle of Polish people with what we now know about Italy.

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