Year 4 Poetry and Singing

Year 4 are incredibly proud of our special poetry book that we have produced as a class. The work within is inspired by our reading of the classic Edward Tulane book. This is a very moving story about a china rabbit that experiences many highs and lows throughout his journey. We have been inspired by some of the emotion in the book. We used this in Year 4 as a springboard in which to write our own emotive poetry. This has now been presented in a special poetry book, which we are proud to share with other Michael Faraday classes, or visitors to our school.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we have been continuing our weekly musical quests with Ruth, our friend from Southwark Wider Opportunities musical services. These sessions have been teaching the children many specialist styles and forms of singing. Pitch, presentation, keeping the rhythm and learning different musical scales have all been key to our shared work.

Year 4 will soon be performing a concert for family and friends at Michael Faraday on 24th May. We will be showcasing all the talents within our class, as well as explaining a little more about the theory that we have been learning. This is an open invite for anyone within our community who has Year 4 connections.

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