Year 6 SATS

Year 6

Year 6 are enjoying a much-deserved break away from our recent run of SATS papers. All staff are very proud of the mature manner that our pupils approached SATS Week 2012. It is far too early to make any judgment over the results, but we witnessed on each of the four STAS days all pupils taking great care and dedication to their work.

Four papers were sat in total: reading comprehension, mental maths, maths A and maths B. Science papers will be undertaken later on in the summer term. This will now form the main focus for the remainder of our teaching in the Year 6 curriculum. You can find out how SATS Week went for a couple of our Year 6 pupils in the podcast below.

Away from SATS and much of our attention in Year 6 is now turned towards the prestigious end of year play. We have a few ideas for a possible production that we will be developing over the coming days. The standard each year amazingly still seems to improve. You can catch a reminder over here of how our previous pupils impressed with the end of year production.

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