Year 1 Maths Videos

Our Year 1 maths work has been looking at different ways in which we can measure lines. We started off by drawing lines of varying lengths on a sheet of paper. We then asked the Year 1 children to try and think of as many different ways as possible that we could measure these lines.

One suggestion was to use cubes. We could line the cubes up against the line, and then be able to come up with a mathematical statement such as ‘this line is 13 cubes long.’

We progressed this work by then using the school crocodile rulers to help us with our measurements. We made sure that we found the 0cm starting point on our rulers, and then matched these up with the start of the lines that we were measuring.

When we all felt confident with this measurement, Year 1 took on the challenge of measuring a curved line. We couldn’t use either the counting cubes or the ruler, as the line wasn’t straight. One suggestion we had was to use a piece of string. This could be shaped around the curve, and then later laid out straight and measured with a ruler.

You can watch a couple of our Year 1 mathematicians demonstrating these techniques in the two videos below.

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  • June 9, 2012 at 7:36 am

    Wow this maths measurement video has given me a brilliant idea on how to do measurement at home with my son in year 1. Keep up the good work Lauren.

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