Year 1 Phonics Video

Year 1 have been busy preparing for the phonics challenge that we will be taking part in towards the end of the year. This is the chance for us to see how all of the pupils are progressing ahead of the new school year and the progression to Year 2.

To help us with this activity, we have been testing our knowledge by playing with the phonics treasure chest and phonics rubbish bin. Working with our friends, we took it in turns to decide if the words we are reading are real or nonsense. If we recognised them, then they go in the phonics treasure chest. If not, then they went straight in the bin.

This is a great way for the Year 1 pupils to continue to learn with their phonics and sound formation. We encourage the pupils to sound out the combination of letters that appear, and to start to recognise these in sentences. You can watch a short video of this work above.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and we have just started a new science topic all about sound and hearing. Using our big ear hats, the children went on a listening walk around the school. As well as the usual sounds of children playing or making music, we wanted to listen to some of the quieter sounds that we can hear all around our school environment. We will continue this work by looking at how different sounds are made.

Year 1

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