Year 2 Geography Video

Our geography work in Year 2 has moved on from the rainforest to the very different location of the Island of Struay in Scotland. This is a very remote place that has some extreme weather conditions and it quite different from our own lives here in South London. We have been reading all about the life of Katie Morag, a young girl who lives on the island of Struay.

We asked the Year 2 pupils to think about what Katie might see around her on the island that we may not see in South London. We also thought about some of the South London sights and experiences that probably can’t be found where Katie lives.

The pupils have produced a wonderful class display that lists some of the benefits on the island of Struay. We wanted to include all the locations that might encourage people to go and visit the place. Our next task for the display will be to create a large diagram of the island of Struay that we can then label. You can find out more about our geography work by watching the video above.

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