Year 2 Map Making Video

Year 2 have been busy learning how to read maps, and to understand what information these can tell us about different locations. This is all part of or continuing work based on our Katie Morag class reading book and the remote Scottish island where the story is set.

We wanted to find out how the island environment is different to our own surroundings in South London. To help achieve this, each pupil has produced a map of their own mythical remote island. We have introduced Year 2 to ideas such as map keys and symbols. We are also looking at scale, and understanding how important this is on a map.

The pupils have also taken part in a walk around our local community, to help us identify what features are man made and what are natural. Our later work will start to look at grid references and how we can use maps for navigating. We will be putting our map reading skills to the test when we visit the beach for a day out next week! You can find out more about our Year 2 map work in the video above.

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