Year 3 Costume Making


Year 3 are preparing to process around London as part of the City of London Festival! We have been invited to take part in this prestigious event, and to showcase some of the artistic, musical and theatrical skills that we have around the school.

The theme that we have decided to represent during the grand procession is that of gardens and wildlife. Our idea is to dress all of the Year 3 pupil up as different plants that you might find in your garden. We will then join the grand procession, with both classes giving off the effect of a colourful garden that has come alive across the streets of the City of London.

To make our costumes, Year 3 decided that we wanted to use materials that were cheap and readily available, We came up with the brilliant idea of using supermarket bags! When all added together, these give off a tremendous sense of colour, similar to one that you might find in an English garden, mid-summer time.

You can see for yourself in the video above.

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