Year 3 Vikings Podcast

Year 3

Year 3 concluded their class Viking topic by making some models of the Long Boats used by the Scandinavian visitors. We have been researching and learning all term about how the Vikings came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and in particular, what type of transport they used.

Year 3 have been fascinated by the design of the Long Boats, and the reason as to how these helped the Vikings along the way with their travels. We decided to use our D & T time to design and then build some Viking Long Boats.

We asked the pupils to think about the shape of the boats, as well as the style. We have been learning that the decoration of the masts and shields was also important for the Vikings. This sent out a strong, powerful message wherever they decided to travel.

Year 3 now has a proud Amanda of Viking Long Boats. You can found out more about this project by listening to the podcast below.

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