Year 3 Tudor Topic

Year 3

We have started work on our Tudors topic in Year 3. This is a fascinating historical period that the children will be looking at in great depth throughout the autumn term.

Year 3 were introduced to this period by looking at the character of Henry VIII. We showed the children a portrait of the Tudor King, and then asked them what they could see. We wanted the pupils to think about the physical picture, as well as what the real character of Henry VIII might have been like.

Our work moved on to start a detailed look at Henry ‘s wives. Year 3 found out why it was so important for the King to have a son who would one day become King.

Out Tudor work will continue in Year 3 with a look at the opposite end of Henry’s lifestyle in Tudor Britain. The children will learn about how life was tough for any poor people during this period, and how Henry was able to rule over the country. We are also planning a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to look at some Tudor paintings.

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