Year 6 Literacy Podcast

Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils have produced some incredibly encouraging literacy work during the first few days back of the new school year. We have started to read the wonderful There’s a Boy in The Girl’s Bathroom book. This is a brilliant story all about a fascinating character called Bradley Chalker.

Our early literacy work based in this book has been to explore the motivations of Bradley. The pupils have written a profile of the main character. This work will be displayed alongside the portraits of Bradley that we have all produced.

We have encouraged Year 6 to add similes and metaphors into their work, as well as to explore new types of vocabulary that we may not always use in everyday speech. You can listen to a couple of our Year 6 pupils reading out their work in the podcast below.

Plus: It is incredibly important that all parents attend the Year 6 secondary school transition meeting at 5pm on 17th September if they are available. We will explain the Southwark application policy, so that you can start to make plans for your child next year.

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