Year 3 Memory Plates Video

Our Year 3 pupils have produced some incredibly thoughtful work with the selection of Memory Plates that we have all made. The idea is to combine our practical D & T skills with our literacy work. We wanted the children to think about their favourite foods, and more importantly the memories that might be associated with these.

We talked about how a certain taste can take us back to a very special moment that might have strong memories for us as we continue to grow up. Each year 3 pupil then came up with a series of different foods in which to put on our plate. We drew a picture, as well as writing a short description.

Some of the connections between food and memories are quite powerful. In the video above you can hear some of our pupils explain how a certain taste can trigger off special family memories.

Elsewhere around Year 3 and we are continuing with our weekly French learning. The pupils have been exploring new vocabulary, and picking up simple conversation phrases. We have also introduced the pupils to some of the signs and symbols that are used in the Jewish faith, a theme that we will continue to explore over the coming weeks.

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