Year 4 Cornish Pen Pals

Year 4

Year 4 were thrilled to receive recently another set of letters from our very good friends from Cornwall. Ever since they were Year 1 children the pupils have been pen pals with a class of a similar age group at Kenwall Vale School in Cornwall.

Letters are exchanged both ways on a regular basis. We also update with our major seasonal activities such as Christmas or Easter, as well as sharing experiences such as the start of a new school year. This is a relationship that the Year 4 pupils value greatly – we always get much excitement in the classroom whenever a new package arrives from Cornwall.

Elsewhere around Year 4 and we all enjoyed a recent trip to the nearby Horniman Museum. This is a fantastic local facility that all age groups around Michael Faraday regularly visit. Our particular focus for Year 4 was connected to our current science work. The children looked in detail at the many animal skeletons that are on show at the Horniman. We have been learning about the different bone structures within the animal world.

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