Year 5 Greek Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring in great detail the text for the Adventures of Odysseus. We have been using this story to help us understand more about the culture of the Ancient Greeks, our current class topic for this term.

The pupils have been finding out how Odysseus is a very troubled character. He makes many mistakes during the story, which lead him to have a heavy conscience.

Our literacy work has looked in details at the main character. We have been trying to improve our written use of nouns, verbs and adjectives. We asked the year 5 pupils to write a number of new sentences that could be added to the original text, each containing a noun, verb and adjective.

We have been incredibly pleased with the standard of diary entries that some of our pupils have been producing. We wanted a reflective piece to be written from Odysseus, thinking about the mistakes that he has made and how his story might develop. You can listen to a series of these being read out in the podcast below.

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