Language of the Month: Bengali

Our pupils and staff at Michael Faraday are able to speak a rich number of different languages between us. Teaching new language skills is now a key component in the school curriculum across all age groups. We are keen to improve these skills further and are proud to be introducing the Michael Faraday Language of the Month.

A different language will be showcased each month. We are asking children with language skills to research a little more about the country where the language is spoken, and then to put together a short presentation explaining some of the basic language skills.

We have chosen Bengali as the first Michael Faraday Language of the Month. Many of the pupils around the school are able to speak this fluently and have great knowledge in which to share. As well as presenting the Language of the Month on the school website, we have also set up a dedicated display board in the school to help share our enjoyment of language learning.

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