Reception Biscuit Bear!


Having worked hard on reading our class book Biscuit Bear, we rewarded the Reception children by helping them to bake their very own biscuit characters. We have been reading the story since the start of term and becoming familiar with the main character. We wanted the Reception children to be able to think of what they would like their own Biscuit Bears to look like.

We worked first using some large cardboard cuts outs of a bear. We asked the Reception children to think about what colours they would like to use for the decoration, and then think of any suitable ingredients that could help to create this effect.

Finally it was time to cook! Working together in small groups, each Reception child prepared and then baked a Biscuit Bear. Once these had cooled down we then went about the task of decorating them. Finally it was time to take them home and eat our Biscuit Bears – tasty!

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