Year 2 Beegu Book

Year 2

Year 2 have just started work on a major new literacy project based all around the amazing Beegu book. This is the story about a strange character that finds himself in a city. We know little of Beegu or his background. The main task of our early work has been to consider the character in more detail to try and come up with a profile.

Having read through the book once, we wanted the Year 2 pupils to offer up an honest assessment. We considered that simply saying that it is a good or bad book isn’t enough to interest other readers. We talked about how it is possible to enjoy reading the book, but also to be able to say that certain ideas left us with negative or emotional feelings.

You can listen to some of these ideas being explained in the podcast below.

Our work around Beegu will continue in Year 2 over the coming weeks. We are going to add in a drama element based around the book, as well as some stunning cityscape artwork inspired by Beegu.

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