Biscuit Bear in Reception


The Michael Faraday Reception children have been continuing to have great fun with the Biscuit Bear character. With all of the children now familiar with the story, we decided that we would like to take part in our own Biscuit Bear storyline.

A large part of the book is about how Biscuit Bear comes to life and finds new bear friends. Between them they have many different talents such as ballet, acrobatics or tightrope walking. We decided to set up a Reception Circus to showcase our Biscuit Bear skills!

Some children created some tickets for the circus, whilst others took care of the money as the circus box office. Using the giant outdoor tent, we then put on a Reception Biscuit Bear show!

This has been one of the final pieces of work in the Michael Faraday Reception for the first half of the autumn term. All teaching staff are incredibly pleased how our new starters have managed to make the successful transition to school life. We are looking forward to sharing our work with any Reception parents during our first school assembly ahead of half term.



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