Year 2 Maths Video

We have been learning about the difference between estimating and measuring during our maths lessons in Year 2 at Michael Faraday. We set the challenge for the pupils to estimate and then measure the length of a selection of their favourite books.

The children were encouraged to make a sensible guess as part of the estimation process. We then recorded this data on our work sheets, before going about the more exact business of actually measuring the length of the books.

We then compared the original estimate and the actual length. This maths work will then progress to work out the difference between both figures using some simple subtraction. You can watch a video of this work being carried out above.

Elsewhere around Year 2 and we have continued our literacy work based on the book of Beegu. The children are finding this a fascinating character, with many questions being asked about who Beegu is, and where he has come from.

We have built this work into our regular PSHE work. The different emotions of Beegu have been a starting point for our class discussions exploring different feelings, and how we can cope with them.

Plus it is also worth mentioning that Year 2 had a brilliant trip out to the Peckham Picturehouse to watch The Muppets as part of National Film Week!

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