Year 5 Mapping Video

Year 5 have been continuing with their Greek work based upon the complex character of Odysseus. Having learnt about his epic trip form Troy to Ithaca, our written work has explored how this was a trip that took 19 years for Odysseus to complete. We have been learning about all of the problems that he had to overcome along the way.

The idea behind the Year 5 maps is to plot this course, and to highlight specific locations that have a part to play in the journey undertaken by Odysseus. By using maps to document the journey, Year 5 have been able to visualise the story, and to understand what an epic trip that it was for Odysseus. You can watch a short video explaining this work above.

Elsewhere around Year 5 and our science work has involved investigating gasses. The pupils have found this is complex topic in which to study, as it is very hard to observe gasses. Our aim was to try and devise some experiments that would be able to give us evidence of how gasses exist around us. You can listen to a couple of our keen scientists explaining more about this topic in the podcast below.

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