Year 6 Fireworks Video

Year 6 staged a very informative assembly all about Bonfire Night and the story behind Guy Fawkes. We started off our assembly by asking our other friends from around the school what they already knew about the Gunpowder Plot. We then built upon this knowledge to add in more detail.

The Guy Fawkes story was acted out during the assembly. We explained the historical importance of the story, looking at the differences between Protestants and Catholics, and how this led Guy Fawkes to start plotting against the government.

Year 6 then asked questions to the other pupils about the play that we had just acted out. Who was Guy Fawkes? What did he want to do? Why do we celebrate the 5th November each year with fireworks displays?

Our assembly then looked at other occasions or cultures where fireworks are used as a source of celebration. Other children suggested New Year’s Eve, the London Olympics and Diwali.

Our assembly concluded with a detailed look at the Firework Code. We reminded all of our friends why it is so important that fireworks are left to adults to light. You can watch a short video of this being explained above.




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