Alien Friends in the Nursery!


The Michael Faraday Nursery children have been introduced recently to a new friend – Quasid 1 the alien! This is a character that the children have worked together on, coming up with a name and a character description. We were thrilled when Quasid 1 landed in the Nursery play space early one morning!

We have been using our new alien friend to talk about friendship. We asked the Nursery children what they could do to become friends with Quasid 1 and how they could make him feel happy whilst he is visiting us. As he doesn’t understand English we have been using our recent work using the makaton signs and symbols to help communicate with Quasid 1.

Plenty of artwork has also been produced. The Nursery children have decorated their own cardboard cut outs of an alien, as well as helping to build some rockets so that Quasid 1 can return home safely.

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