Audiboo, Literacy & Online Learning


We have started work in Years 3 and 6 on an incredibly exciting literacy project. Working with out technology partners from audioboo, the pupils are using online audio and visual tools to help explore and improve their spoken vocabulary.

This is a project that will be running all the way through until the end of the autumn term, with new online skills added each week. We don’t want to give too much away to the pupils just yet – keeping it fresh is all part of the process of feeling confident with our spoken word skills!

We can however present a summary of the first week of the session. We asked all Year 3 and Year 6 pupils to bullet point ten facts about themselves. All About Me is a subject, which is highly personal to them. With little preparation, we then invited the pupils to record a short audioboo, using their notes as a springboard for ideas.

The next phase of this project will see the pupils hopefully improve their articulacy, before we then start the next stages of the project. There will be more online skills and literacy tech crossover to come, with an exhibition to showcase our work also being planned.

We’re proud to present the complete playlist of the first recordings below. These are the work in progress recordings – our literacy work will now concentrate on the many ways that we can continue to improve our spoken word.

Michael Faraday School is incredibly grateful to our technology partners at audioboo. This is a leading world tech company that is based down the road in Southwark. Audioboo has very kindly invited Michael Faraday to become the flagship UK school for its unique technology.

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