Reception Theatre Trip


Both Reception classes had a brilliant time during our recent trip to the Unicorn Theatre. We took the children to see a performance of the Elf and the Shoemaker – a story that we have also been reading in class.

The children have been so inspired by the traditional tale that we decided to make our own shoe shop for our classroom. We are incredibly grateful to the many parents who allowed old pair of shoes that have now been outgrown to be brought in to decorate.

We asked the Reception children to think about the style and design that they would like to customise their shoes with. Bright colours were popular, as well as plenty of glitter and reflective material. The children were then able to re-tell the story of the Elf and the Shoemaker using our new props.

Elsewhere around Reception and we are about to start our major new geographical topic looking at India. This is a timely topic that will coincide with Diwali. We will be exploring the food, the music and the lifestyle of the people that live in this country. We are hopeful of some Indian food tasting sessions towards the end of term!

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