Year 3 Literacy

Year 3

As we approach the winter months, Year 3 are taking something of an icy cold twist towards our literature and reading. We have started to read the Snow Dragon book. This is a wonderful story that is beautifully illustrated with many different snow scenes. We wanted the Year 3 pupils to have a good understanding of this type of snow environment ahead of our next class-reading book.

We will soon start to read The Ice Palace. This is a tricky piece of text, but it can be very rewarding with the complex plot. This book contains few illustrations, hence the introduction first with the Snow Dragon. Much of our literacy work will then develop around adding in our own descriptions for winter scenes, and how best to describe the feeling of coldness using words.

On the sporting front our Year 3 pupils greatly enjoyed a recent inter-schools football tournament. We fielded two teams, both competing against other Southwark schools. One of the Michael Faraday School teams managed to reach the Quarter Finals. Our players returned back to school full of enthusiasm and keen for the next sporting challenge.

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