Year 4 Djembe Drumming

Year 4 have been introduced to the djembe drum during a recent African drumming workshop. We started off our session by learning about the science behind the instrument. We found out that if we positioned the djembe at an angle, the sound became louder as the vibrations were able to escape out.

Our next step was to understand the importance of following instructions and playing together in sequence. We learnt how it is important to follow hand signals, and to look for eye contact with the bandleader.

Year 4 then progressed to see how they could make their drums talk with us as we chanted out various rhythms. We asked each pupil to play out the syllables of their favourite food.

Finally we finished our djembe drumming session by asking for volunteers from Year 4 to become the bandleader. Once in control of our drumming group, the role of the bandleader was to increase or lower the volume during our collective playing. You can watch a short video of the Year 4 djembe drummers above.

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