Michael Faraday Make a Movie Workshop

We are proud to present Three Wishes – a short film shot by our Year 6 students with the professional help of Terry Wilson of Pixelkisser Production. Terry is the father of a Year 1 pupil. He approached the school to very kindly offer his expertise in helping to plan and produce a film in one day.

It sounded incredibly ambitious, but the Make a Movie in One Day workshop managed to achieve just that! Terry worked with a number of pupils from Year 6. As well as the acting talent, we also required many production skills such as camera work and sound engineers.

The storyline came from the pupils, showing some of the imagination that our creative Year 6 pupils are able to boast. You might recognise some of the familiar scenes in the video above – beware the magical powers of the Michael Faraday stationary cupboard!

Terry adds:

“It was a really great but pretty exhausting day, we actually did make the movie in the day, filming in the morning and then editing in the afternoon and we showed it to a couple of classes on a big screen just before home time.”

We are hugely appreciative of Terry in offering his professional time for free. The pupils greatly enjoyed the Make a Movie in a Day session, taking a few ideas away about future film making projects.

One thought on “Michael Faraday Make a Movie Workshop

  • February 17, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    I helped make this video and I really enjoyed it. I have plans to make a film sometime, this really did help. I hope we have more video workshops in future at MFS. This is the best school ever!

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