Year 6 Anti-Bullying Video

Pupils throughout the school have been helping to put across a powerful anti-bullying message this week. This is always a key week in the Michael Faraday calendar. We work together to create an environment where everyone around the school knows that there is no place for bullies.

Year 6 have been setting a fine example with their lead on this project. The pupils staged a powerful assembly, helping other children to understand some of the complex issues involved with bullying. We wanted to address the different forms that bullying can take, from the physical, to the emotional and even online bullying.

We acted out a number of freeze frame drama workshops. These send out a strong message about the very real impact of bullying, and how it might feel if you are a victim.

We have invited pupils across all year groups to enter a competition to design a poster that puts across the anti-bullying message. We have also put up a prominent display board featuring some of the work that different year groups have been carrying out. Working under the theme of a tear and a heart, some very emotive ideas have been explained, addressing feelings of love and hate.

A selection of our Year 6 pupils explain a little more about their anti-bullying work in the video above.

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