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All Year 3 and Year 6 pupils have been continuing to make tremendous progress with our current language and literacy online audio project. Working alongside our technology partners at audioboo, Michael Faraday is championing this brilliant audio platform to show how it can help to improve the verbal skills of our pupils.

Having recorded our first set of audioboos with little preparation, plenty of time has now been spent back in the classroom critically analysing the content. The children have been considering the pronunciation, enthusiasm and delivery of their introductory pieces.

This then led to a more considered approach to our second recordings. Working off a minimal set of mind map sketches, we encouraged each pupil to record an additional audioboo with the aim of demonstrating a measured improvement in our communication skills.

We weren’t disappointed!

Simple sentences from the first round of recordings became colourful and descriptive deliveries of audio. This proved that our approach in the classroom of helping to structure these goals had clearly paid off.

The next stage for this project has been to produce a storyboard of the ideas mentioned in the audioboo recordings. This is the reverse approach that is sometimes used in the classroom – teachers may start with some images and then start to describe them. Our challenge for this project has been to present spoken language at the centre of this project. Audioboo is the perfect tool for developing language within the classroom.

The enthusiasm for this work has been highly rewarding. We will continue with our evaluation over the next few weeks. Both classes are building towards a prestigious audioboo exhibition later in December.

You can watch a short video explaining our work above, or listen to a snapshot of some of the audioboo recordings below.

Audioboo project

Audioboo project

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